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I spent over $80 for a birthday gift for my boyfriend (lighter and extra butane).I placed my order on April 27th, 2011.

They took the money out of my account on April 29th. The item has not shipped (was told it would ship in 48 hours). I would only purchase something from if using a credit card from a bank that will refund your money for fouled-up internet purchases. I would not recommend using this "company".

Really wish I had seen this website before ordering from them.I think I'm out $80 and will remove this post if I do get a refund.

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Unlike many others, I did eventually receive my Vector Thunderbird lighter.However, it was delivered to me more than 30 days after the notice sent by e-mail telling me it would arrive in 3 to 5 days.

No apology or explanation offered.Having actually received a lighter, perhaps I am one of the lucky ones, but the poor performance of this company causes me to advise "caveat emptor" (buyer beware).


:( i too was was ripped off.they have other sites under different names that are also a scam. do not buy from them!


Add me to the list.It has been a month since my order and I have not received it.

I've emailed and called the number and nobody answers or responds. They do not have the products they advertise and are just a front to steal people's money. Fraud. Scam.

This website is the definition of those words.

DO NOT MAKE ANY PURCHASES.This guys owns at least 10 other websites as well and I'm sure they are all scams.


Buyer beware of are risking losing your money if you place an order with them.

They have numerous complaints with the BBB and I should have looked before I placed an order. What will happen is you will place an order and it will show up as completed. But it won't ship and you cannot get anyone to respond to an e-mail or pick up a phone at the company.

It is either a scam or no one is working behind the scenes anymore.Many horror stories about this retailer can be found online.


UPDATE: It's June 3rd and still not a word from I contacted my bank last month and they reimbursed me the money spent on this website - which, by the way, is still up and running!!!! How is this possible????

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